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Method of Creating a Purchase Order

In the procurement system, several documents are used. Each paper has a particular function. Ultimately, all document types are used to make buying and selling simple and efficient. The purchase order is an example of such a document.

What is a Purchase Order

The purchase order is an example of an essential document used by businesses. It allows a buyer to specify the products or services they require from a supplier. This document has some legal traction because it serves as an interim contract between the buyer and seller if accepted. Likewise, it lets the buyer describe the type, quality, and item quantity required. On the other hand, a purchase order lets a seller carry out a periodic inventory of their stock. Therefore, a supplier can use the document to decide whether they can provide items or services. Similarly, this document can help the seller and buyer maintain their individual financial books.

Purchase Order Creation

To create an accurate purchase order, you will need to include information on the document. Below are fields and information used to develop a purchase order.


Although this step is not necessary, it makes your documents look professional. Therefore, you will want to customize all your purchase orders to maintain the image of your business.

Information of the Buyer

Your purchase order must contain information about your business. These details include the company name, address, and contact information. You will want to provide this information within the header or in the main body of the document.


The header allows anyone to identify what a document is. You will want to input “Purchase Order” in this section so that readers can know what document they are looking at.

Information of the Supplier

You cannot leave a purchase order blank without including the name of the supplier. This information will usually include the company name, contact details, and address. As such, the supplier knows the purchase order is for them the moment they receive it.

Shipment Method

Another essential piece of information you will need to include in this document is the shipment method. This detail tells a seller about the location to supply goods or services. Likewise, it provides information about the preferred method of delivery.

Lists of Items or Services

This information is mostly presented in a table. So, you should specify to your suppler item code (if applicable), quantity, price, description, and individual’s expected delivery date (if applicable).

Comments or Remarks

This section is usually the last item in the body of a purchase order. It allows you to provide further details about your request, which does not fit in other sections. For example, you can make a special request on how you would like some items to be handled or shipped.


Totals are usually composed of the subtotal and the total. The subtotal gives the cost of the items without any addition. On the other hand, the total includes handling costs, taxes, and shipping costs. The buyer will contact you if there is any discrepancy in the pricing.

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