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Benefits of using Purchase Order and Invoice

There are various financial documents in use within the business world. Each document has a specific benefit. In addition, many of these documents have evolved to make financial transactions easier for buyers and sellers. Examples of such documents are a purchase order and an invoice.

About a Purchase Order

This paper defines the items or services a buyer requires from a seller or supplier. It contains information about a product or service, quality, type, and cost. In addition, a purchase order can stand as an interim legal agreement if the parties involved agree to go into business.

About an Invoice

An invoice is a document that a seller issues to a buyer. It contains transactional information that exists between the two parties. However, an invoice can only be valid if it includes a date, details about the seller and buyer, and goods or services exchanged.

Purchase Order and Invoice Benefits

From the description of these documents, it is clear that a purchase order and an invoice have several benefits. Below are some of the more essential benefits of these documents.

Legal Use

An invoice and purchase order can serve as legal documents. The purchase order usually serves as an agreement between a buyer and seller. Therefore, this document can help protect both parties in the event of a problem. As a buyer, this document ensures that the seller supplies what you request. On the other hand, an invoice also has legal backing. Therefore, it should be issued to the seller as proof of supply of products or services. If the buyer defaults, the payment of the invoice can be enforced in a court of law.

Recordkeeping and Inventory

An invoice and a purchase order can be used to keep effective records. The seller can use the purchase order they receive from a buyer to check their inventory. Likewise, it helps record the items supplied to the buyer. In addition, the invoice can help a supplier have a record of the money to be received from a buyer of goods and services. Similarly, it can help accountants effectively manage the books within their companies. On the other hand, an invoice reminds the buyer of their obligation to make payment. Therefore, the financial section of a buyer can use this document to ensure payments are made for supplied goods and services.

Management of Business Process

An invoice and a purchase order are essential tools for the management of a business process. These documents allow all the parties involved in a transaction to effectively manage their processes. On the supplier’s side, these documents make the process of buying and selling goods easier. This process is achieved by recording requests, managing received goods, and tracking payments and orders supplied. As for the buyer, the purchase order ensures that only goods and services that are required are ordered from the supplier. In addition, it helps maintain a central process of ordering goods and services through the procurement officer or unit.

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