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Invoice Types and Requirements in Chile

There are a handful of invoices used for various financial activities. Each invoice is slightly different from the other. However, invoices generally have the same function of simplifying and documenting financial transactions. Therefore, each country or jurisdiction uses a specific type of invoice.

The Chilian government has specified the types of documents used in the country. As a result, a combination of electronic and physical invoices is used in Chile.

Types of Invoices

In Chile, different types of invoices are used for different uses. In the past few years, the use of electronic invoices has increased in the country. Now, most invoices are issued as electronic documents to speed up business transactions.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of invoices in Chile, which are the Domestic Invoice and the Foreign Invoice.

Domestic Invoice

A Domestic Invoice is a type of invoice that is created and used by entities within Chile. When this document is produced, a copy must be given to the Chilian Tax Portal as part of the regulation within the country. For a Domestic Invoice, all the mandatory fields must be filled in to make such a document valid. Examples of Domestic Invoices are standard invoices, credit invoices, debit invoices, and commercial invoices.

Foreign Invoice

A Foreign Invoice is a type of invoice created from outside of Chile but used within the country. In some cases, a copy of a Foreign Invoice must be submitted to the Chilian Tax Portal. Just like with the Domestic Invoice, mandatory fields must be filled to make a Foreign Invoice valid. Examples of foreign Invoices include commercial invoices, credit invoices, and more.

Invoicing Requirements in Chile

For an invoice to be valid within Chile, there are invoicing requirements that must be met. None compliance with these requirements can lead to invoice rejection or payment delay.

Supplier Information

A typical invoice in Chile must contain the following information about its initiator (supplier).

  • The legal name of the supplier must be included on the invoice.
  • The invoice must contain the valid address of the supplier.
  • The supplier's tax identification number must be written.
  • A valid means of communication such as an email or a phone number must be included in the invoice.
  • The method of payment for supplied goods or services must be included in the invoice.
  • The shipment address of goods or services must be included in the invoice.

Invoice Information

Any type of invoice must have the following information.

  • The specific type of invoice must be indicated at the top of the document. For example, if an invoice is a commercial invoice, the words “Commercial Invoice” must be written at the of the invoice.
  • An invoice must have a valid date that does not contradict the date of use or submission.
  • An invoice must have an identification number that should not be more than 16 digits.
  • A currency must be specified in an invoice.
  • Tax rates and types of tax must be written.
  • The breakdown of cost, subtotal, and total must be written on an invoice.

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